Horse Barns

Every horse owner knows the importance of having the right kind of barn with a well laid plan for the safety of the horses and the convenience of everyone involved. Each horse farm has its own needs specific to the owner and their horses. We specialize in building your facility the way you want it. We have everything you need to bring together the best barn for you.

Simeon Stoltzfus has been building horse barns for many years and enjoys making sure the details are just the way you want them. As an owner of White Horse Construction, he has a vested interest in making sure you have your barn the way you want it. He puts a lot of time into sitting down with each client and going over each detail to make sure that when the job is done, it’s done right. Browse through our Horse barn gallery and see some of the projects we have completed for our customers in the past, then give us a call and let us know what we can do for you.

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    About White Horse Construction

    White Horse Construction has been in the building industry since 1995 and continues to grow and expand. White Horse Construction brings their Pennsylvania Dutch heritage of skilled craftsmanship and integrity and combines it with the modern looks and techniques of today. They believe in using only the finest materials. White Horse Construction specializes in Horse Barns, Bank Barns, Riding Arenas, Run-In Sheds, Garages, Equipment Buildings, and Restorations. We look forward to working with you!