Despite their age, many old barns are still standing, mere shells of their once proud structures, while some some old barns are still functional. Old barns are living pieces of history and we treasure them as part of America’s early architecture.  The charm and warmth that old buildings add to a property is undeniable. But that doesn’t mean they need to be unused or remain in disrepair.

Bringing an old barn back to its original state or a “new” state is a rewarding and challenging process. But, we enjoy the challenge of taking an old building and bringing new life to it.

Keep these things in mind before you jump into a barn restoration process:

  1. Can I preserve the historic setting as much as possible?
  2. Are there parts of the barn that I can repair or paint rather than replace?
  3. Can I avoid removing parts of the building to preserve its historic value while maintaining the buildings integrity?
  4. Can I retain the historic internal structure?

At White Horse Construction, we understand the value of these old structures and what it takes to restore them. Browse through our gallery to see what we have done with many old buildings to restore them to their original beauty again. Give us a call, we would love to discuss your project!